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Environmental Art

In the field of “Environmental Art” I have mainly used some sort of natural resources such as soil, stones, wood, trees, leaves, nuts and reused items as the base for my art materials. In particular I have been making installations with Fair Trade coffee bean bags since 2000. I hope everyone who visits to this exhibition will not only be able to see and enjoy the art works visually, but also feel something whilst sitting or lying on my installation. I would be delighted to see the environmental keyword “Fair Trade" will trigger a reconsideration of the world issues such as equality, poverty, child labor and many other problems that we face today.

Environmental art work

Natural materials series
Natural materials series
  Dialogue with Fukushima series
Dialogue with Fukushima series
  Flowers for prayers series
Flowers for prayers series




September, 2019
It has been 20 years since I became involved in art exchange exhibitions between Japan and Korea, which is an important neighboring country. We cannot forget the precious exchanges we have had with many wonderful Korean artists and I still keep the memories of these incredible people dear to me.
Although the political relationship between these two countries is currently rather bad, artists have nothing to do with each other's situations. I understand this well and am continuing our grassroots art exchange.
At the time of my solo exhibition in Seoul, at the Japanese embassy in 2003, the former prime minister, Koizumi dolls were burned by the demonstrators, although all of the Korean people involved were extremely warm and very kind.
This month, I was invited to an international installation exhibition at the university in Naju, Gwangju. As I was busy last year and was only able to participate in my own works, I was very much looking forward to visiting there this year. However, in addition to the fact that the political situation is tense, there is another situation related to Aichi Triennale.
Due to all of this, the exhibition in August has been postponed, for which I am extremely sorry.
Perhaps this would not have happened if the LDP won the last election and Abe was not re-elected? Regardless of what happens, our invincible grassroots relationship will never be broken! Nothing will stop us from uniting.

July ~ August
The humid rainy season has overwhelmed, and midsummer has arrived in Tokyo!
I’ll participate in, or be invited to 3 exhibitions this season,
If you’ll be around Tokyo, Nagasaki or Naju in Korea. please come and see our exhibitions.

I really hope the incredible relationship between Korean and Japanese artists will continue forever!

“Gallery HINOKI Art Fair”
Duration: July 29th - August 4th
Venue: Gallery HINOKI BC & eF

“8+9 Ring Art in Nagasaki, 2019”
Duration: July 30th - August 4th
Venue: Nagasaki Prefecture Art Museum

“2019 International Installation Art Exhibition”
Duration: August 23th - December 31st
Venue: Dongshin University Campus & Museum
185, Geonjae-ro, Naju, Jeollanam-do, Korea

I’m pleased to inform you that I will hold 2 exhibitions.
”March11 & the Silent Auction” in NY and the“Monotone” exhibition in Kyobashi, Tokyo.
“The March11 Show & the Silent Auction”
Duration: June 15th - June 30th, 2019
Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12 ? 6 pm
Opening Reception: Saturday, June 15th, 4 - 6pm
Venue: WAH Center https://wahcenter.net/visit

135 Broadway, Brooklyn NY 11211
(718) 486-6012 or (718) 486-7372

“Monotone” exhibition
Duration: June 24th - June 29th, 2019
Opening party: Monday, June 24th, 5-7pm
Venue: Gallery Hinoki ef http://hinoki.main.jp/access.html
4F, 3-9-2, Kyobashi, Tokyo

"Rhythms - Beyond“ Exhibition
This is a photo exhibition by two contemporary artists, a photographer and an environmental artist.
We aim for an exhibition where the artist's individuality resonates with the viewers, while utilizing the space and characteristics of the venue.
We look forward to your visit.
※ Open all day

It has been eight years since the Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.
I was invited to Bremen’s art space, to hold the Dialogue with Fukushima exhibition at Kunst Rum this year, also.
Despite the fact that the nuclear accident is still very much an ongoing issue, the Japanese government seems to show no intention of getting involved.
Also, perhaps due to high profile events such as the Olympic Games, the mass media are not doing little to highlight the current and ongoing situation in Fukushima to the general public.
Meanwhile, head of ICAN(International Campaign of Abolish Nuclear weapons) and other non-profit organizations in Germany have been giving grants to myself and the similar artists. I really appreciate their kind-hearted effort.
This time our article was published in an art magazine, also.
”Dialogue with Fukushima”@ Kunst Raum Bremen + IPPNW, Germany

Dialogue with Fukushima

Time flies!
We are already a week in to 2019 !
First of all, I’d like to refrain from sending any New Year’s greetings, because one of my aunts sadly passed away last year, unfortunately.
We have a traditional convention in that we don’t send any happy greetings if we are in mourning for a relative’s death in the year before, actually.
I’d like to inform you of some exhibitions that I will take part in this month, anyway.
Since last year I have been participating in the exhibition,‘No Nuclear, No War Now’ at the Maruki Museum for the Hiroshima Panels in Saitama http://www.aya.or.jp/~marukimsn/
until January 26th.

The next exhibition for maintaining ‘Article 9 of the Japanese constitution (for No War)’ at the Nerima Art Museum in Tokyo https://www.neribun.or.jp/museum.html
until January 10th.

And the art exchange exhibition by USA-Japan ’Crosscurrent’ at Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum from January 20th to 26th. https://www.tobikan.jp

Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing you soon here or there!
Keep warm and take good care of yourself!